Nuestra Experiencia

Our Expertise

Bert Instruments specializes in providing solutions and services in Hydrography, Oceanography and Marine Geophysics to projects in the marine, coast, fluvial and reservoir sectors. We have all the permits and licenses to operate in the national territory.

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Offshore (Oil & Gas, Submarine Cables and Maritime Signaling)

We carry out marine geophysics studies, environmental and archeological impact assessments, and submerged infrastructure assessments.

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Submerged Infrastructure Inspection

3D models, infrastructure profile, high-resolution acoustic images, detection of threats to the integrity of the structure and inspection and auditing.

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Port and Coastal Sector

Specialized studies in marine geophysics, environmental impact assessment, submerged infrastructure inspection (piles, sheet piling, outfalls, pipes, platforms, etc.)

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Salvage and Wreck Detection

Location of shipwrecks, anchors and objects found on the seabed to provide underwater archeology services, salvage of shipwrecks, location of dangerous infrastructure for navigation, etc.

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Reservoirs, Dams, CiƩnegas and Fluvial Works

Volume and area elevation analysis, bathymetry and orthophotography, comparison of sediments and sedimentation, inspection of the dam wall and study of payment for environmental services.