The right size for every job, easily cuztomizable and reliable, equipped
with the most accurate USBL systems backed by Teledyne, Deep Ocean,
Applied Acoustics and Linkquest. Also count with a Falcon ROV as an
strategic alliance for surveys up to 1000m deph

Side Scan/Magnetometers solutions

A diverse range of frequency cristals for your Side Scans surveys
available, also if required we can use a magnetometer to gather all the
info you need, backed by Edgetech and Geometrics.

Our GeoCat for shallow water surveys

Developed by our company more than 20 years ago, tested in a wide range
of situation the GeoCat is a proven winner in shallow water surveys, all
you need in a single piece of technology.

Swath/Multibeam System

Complex and complete surveys with all the data you need, we have 2
Edgetech 4600 system with 240 and 500 Khz and 1 Edgetech 6250 with 1,5
Mghz for most accurate images.

Sub Bottom Profiler

Boomers/Chirp, we have worked with all of them, and for the most
demanding clients for more than a decade always delivering the best
results, backed by Edgetech

Underwater video

Not just using ROV’s, cameras arrays for especific tasks.

Phased Arrays

Pioneers designing phased arrays for underwater research, just tell us what you need.


To provide a unique and powerful method of carrying out deep penetration
seismic surveys with ultra-high resolution data quality we teamed with
Applied Acoustic Engineering combinning the power of their Boomer Plates
redefinning the boundaries of shallow seismic surveying.

Air Guns

Bolt Air Gun are designed for volumes ranging from 10 in³ to 380 in³,
and life tested at 3,000 psi. The gun is extremely versatile, and is
sufficiently light-weight for shallow draught vessels while powerful
enough for bluewater seismic surveys.

Innovation and Development


BertTow Jr

Geo Cat

Side Scan / Magnetometro

Blue ROV



EdgeTech 4600 Side Scan Sonar

Underwater Cameras

Phased Array

Edgetech 3200: High Penetration Sub-Bottom Profiler

POS MV WaveMaster II

EdgeTech 6205

Easytrack USBL Nexus

Linkquest Tracklink 1500 USBL System

Hemisphere R330 GNSS Receiver

Ecosonda Knudsen Sounder 1612

We own all of the equipment so you dont need to worry, they are always available, no need to look anywhere else.
The Applanix POSmv system for the most demanding positioning tasks, state of the art Sonars and the most used software licenses in the industry is just a part of us.

A detailed look of our Equipment:

  • EdgeTech 4200 CHIRP Side Scan Sonar operating simultaneously at 300 and 900 KHz
  • EdgeTech 3200 Sub-bottom Profiler with deep penetration fish
  • EdgeTech 4600 Swath System 240 and 500 KHz
  • EdgeTech 6205 Swath System 1.5 MHz
  • Geometrics Magnetometer 882
  • Applied Acoustics Boomer
  • Applied Acoustics Nexus USBL
  • Linkquest Tracklink 1500 USBL System
  • Knudsen Echo sounder 28 and 200 KHz
  • Ohmex Echosounder
  • Ohmex Tide Gauge with Telemetry
  • Bolt Air Gun
  • Applanix POS MV
  • Hemisphere Horizon 131
  • Benthos StingRay ROV
  • InterOcean CTD
  • Trimble Ag 32
  • Power iconOoids Survey Boat
  • BerTow (Highly customizable Deep Tow System)
  • Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel
  • DT Oceanographic Winch with 2 kilometers of coax cable
  • Westerbeke 7 KWatts Electrical Generator
  • Yamaha 6300i SDE, 6.5 KWatts Generator
  • Honda 3500i Electrical Generator
  • Makita 6101R Electrical Generator
  • Honda 2 Kwatts Electical generator